Oukitel wp5 divided into New American version

OUKITEL WP5 adds American version

In October 2020, oukitel specially launched the American version in order to solve the problem that the OUKITEL WP5 model cannot be used well in the Americas. Through the continuous collection of feedback from customers in the Americas and the improvement of local operators, the American version of OUKITEL WP5 has been mass-produced and sold continuously to countries in the Americas. For example: United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.

In view of the fact that many fans of OUKITEL WP5 don’t know whether they can use this rugged phone well in their area, we specially sorted out the frequency bands that can be used in the Americas.

OUKITEL WP5 adds American version selling points

The US version of OUKITEL WP5 is available in orange and red. Each color is suitable for men and women. The weight of holding it in your hand will make you feel the texture of this rugged phone and fall in love with it deeply.

OUKITEL WP5 adds American version genuine purchase

Christmas is coming. Do you want to give your family a novel and practical gift? Then, you can choose this rugged phone, which is durable, has a long battery life and can dual card dual standby.
This phone is especially suitable for people who work outdoors. It has good effects of waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof. Many purchases have given good reviews. It is the top model in sales of rugged mobile phones in 2020. It will also be one of the most popular models for the coming Christmas.

During the event, all orders placed through the link in the article will be shipped by DHL express (please note “BLOG” for orders, except for those in remote areas). Ensure that each user can receive their own packages or gifts in the shortest time (5-8days after delivery).


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